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Our Team

EMMA BLACK - HR consultantAKA lawyer, event planner, peacemaker

HR consultant

AKA lawyer, event planner, peacemaker

Our Story

CloudmyStaff is the brainchild of husband and wife duo, Emma and Mark Black. After years of struggling with aging international solutions, they decided it was time that a home-grown solution, built by Kiwis, for Kiwis was needed.  

New Zealand is a pretty special little place, things get done a special way around here, and we want to make sure “she’ll be right” is the same as “she’ll be legal and acting in good faith".

MARK BLACK - Product ManagerProblem solver extraordinaire!

Product Manager

Problem solver extraordinaire!

What do we do?

CloudmyStaff isn’t just a company; it’s the idea that all businesses big and small should be able to provide consistent, quality HR support to their staff, regardless of experience. The idea that Kiwi businesses like you, and like us, should have the tools to manage our staff, so we can get on with doing what we do best.

Things have changed a little bit in Health and Safety in New Zealand, fortunately we know a bit about that too. We can help manage events, hazards, observations, and other aspects to help make sure your staff are safe, and the folks at the Beehive are happy.

Our Mission

CloudmyStaff is committed to educating and improving HR and H&S across New Zealand by providing education, technical solutions, and consultancy services for home-grown, growing organizations.


Simplicity, Security, Support.

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